Welcome perfect shibe!

This is a tutorial on how to love your shibe better than ever

Basically I recommend:

That's it for today folks,have a nice day!

-Picky Rat

Part 2

Hello everyone! (Yes for some reason this site reached around 300 views already) This blog, or whatever you want to call it, still is under construction and there's basically nothing on it yet... I (the rat) will try to update it constantly and bring some daily content to this page so bookmark it or whatever to stay up-to-date.

Upcoming articles and stuff I've yet to add to this site (To-do list)


Okay so basically this page belongs to two people: me, the rat and my gf, the shibe and no don't let the title of the page fool your we ain't doing p0rn. Also as for now the whole page practically belongs to me as it was my own idea and I'm also the only one actually working on it, though one day we'll probably get to see something from her sooner or later, now check out any of these articles:


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